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Swim Lessons

The Y instructs swim classes for all ages and all levels. Participants are taught in small groups with others in their own age group and skill level. We have private and group lessons to expand your water skills and comfort. You’ll gain confidence in and around the water. Our swimming programs have everything you need to experience the pool in a safe environment.

Safety Is Priority #1

The pool is a great place to have fun and exercise, but the most important thing at the YMCA is your safety. To ensure you experience the safest environment possible, our aquatics staff team attends mandatory monthly in-service training and is audited regularly.

Whistle blasts and what they mean

  • 3 short blasts: Clear the pool immediately. Emergency situation!
  • 1 long blast: Lifeguard is trying to get the attention of a swimmer or another team member.

YMCA Lightning Policy

  • If you can hear thunder, you are close enough to be struck by lightning.
  • We always clear our pools at the first sight or sound of lightning and/or thunder.
  • A mandatory 30-minute wait will follow the sound or sight of thunder or lightning. We ask for your patience. We will re-open our pool as soon as we feel it is safe for you to re-enter.

Swim Test Policy

  • Water safety is a top priority at the Y. All swimmers 13 and under who wish to swim in the deep end must take a swim test. This test consists of swimming one length of the pool and treading water for 1 minute.
  • Please contact the aquatic director for more information or questions,

Swim Lessons & Swim Clinic Schedule

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