As a 501 (c)3 charitable community organization, each of our staff and volunteers makes a difference in the lives of those we serve, every day. The way we think, act, and communicate directly builds and strengthens our community. This starts with passionate, committed leaders at all levels of the organization, and leads to strong supportive teams, and significant opportunities for professional development and growth from within.

The reason the YMCA exists in Altavista is our ability to generate charitable contributions. Contributions to the Altavista Area YMCA fall into three categories: capital contributions, endowment giving, and annual contributions.

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Capital Contributions: Since its inception in 1971 the Altavista Area YMCA has conducted numerous capital campaigns. Over $5 million dollars has been raised to construct and renovate YMCA facilities.

Endowment Giving: Three trust funds were established in 1977 by E.R. English and Minnie Lane. Donations made to the E.R. English Scholarship Trust, E.R. English Capital Improvements Trust, and the Altavista Area YMCA Trust are designed to guarantee the long term financial security of the Y. The Y only spends the interest generated by these trusts while the principal remains intact.

Annual Giving: Each year the Altavista Area YMCA conducts a fund drive to offset operating expenses. The Current Support Campaign is critical to the financial success of the YMCA in Altavista. The 2020-2021 Current Support Campaign successfully met the stated goal of $125,000 and a list of donors is now displayed in the Athletic Center entrance.

Please contact Steve Jester, Fundraising & Endowment Director, for more information on the YMCA's Planned Giving Program.